The Hardship of Life

My Name is Zolani and my surname is Cekiso. I was born in a township called Mdantsane at Cicilia Makhiwane Hospital 1985. My parents moved to Bisho 1992 and I grew there till 1999 we moved to Somerset East. Now my family moved to Dimbaza and me I stay in Mdantsane. Through the Hardship of not having stable income and a job, I decided to start a blog and see what it can do for me. Firstly 2005 I graduated in my grade 12 certificate.2007 I was employed at department of health as a intern in a project that was happening in King Williams Town at Schonville. 2008 I moved too Port Elizabeth still working for Dept. Of Health but staying at Uitenhage. I worked as a Registry Clerk contract worker since 2008 to 2011 June.From 2011 June to 2014 when I resigned from the Department I was working as a HR Clerk. The reason for resigning I felt exploited because since I started working for the Department I was fighting to be permanent and getting a 37% that I was supposed to benefit in, nothing help. So all those years I was earning R5000 until my expenses overcome my salary then I couldn not cope. Stress kicked in and at some point I felt depressed. I felt becoming sick and tired. That is why I resigned. I worked for defferent companies after I left that Department. I work as a General worked at Goodyear Tire Industry part-time job that was 2015 to 2016.From 2016 June to 2017 I worked as Armed Response for a company called Atlas Security company at Port Elizabeth. I found that it was not for me then I resigned. I sitted without a job since I left that company applying hoping to get an Admin job atleast since I had Admin experience, but no luck. At the moment I am a bolt driver so as to put food on the table.

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